Episode 8: Good Music

I drew from worlwide musical influences for this eclectic mix of good music plain and simple. Brazilian, Latin American, African, and European styles are all here for you to enjoy.

Download Episode 8: Good Music

Track Listing:

Hey Pocky Away- The Meters
Real, Real- Nina Simone
Ain’t No Sunshine- Kashmere Stage Band (J. Rocc Remix)
La Cumbia Cienaguera- Cimaloquera
Mais Que Nada- Sergio Mendes & Brasil ‘66
Joven- Cuco Valoy
N.E.S.T.A.- Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra
One Note Samba- Sergio Mendes & Brasil ‘66
Creature Feature- Billy Preston
Seasons (Dhundee Remix)- Grey Reverend
Dim Light- Manolo Escobas
Magic Number (Todd Terje Edit)- Herbie Hancock
Gatekeeper- Feist
Technologystolemyvinyl- Moodyman
The Angels- Dom Um Romao

I wanted to make another mix that wasn’t all hip-hop ever since I posted our old Jazz mix from high school. So I gathered records from my fathers collection, hit up some local record stores in Cambridge (only a few still exist), dug into my own supply, and borrowed some more jams from DJ Elyte. The only criteria that I had for this mix was that I must enjoy the music and there should be a heavy percussion element in most of the songs. I liked what this criteria was doing for the mix, but I decided to throw in a Feist track with no percussion just to keep the listener off balance. You will hear that there is a large Latin American and Brazilian infuence to this mix and I think this stems for my days living in San Juan and the types of music I encountered there. A little something different from Ross The Boss. I hope you like it.


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