Episode 7: Diggin in the 90s

I went Diggin in the crates for this all vinyl classic 90s hip hop mix. No Serato or mp3s with this one. Strictly vinyl, strictly 90s. Shout out to DJ Elyte for opening up his crates to add to my own collection.

Re-Posted May 1st, 2011

Download Episode 7: Diggin in the 90s

Track Listing:

Intro: Straight From the Heart
Smif & Wesson- Stand Strong (’95)
Mad Skills- Skills in ’95 (’95)
Gangstarr- Mostly Tha Voice (’94)
O.C.- Word Life (’94)
Artifacts- Wrong Side of the Tracks (’94)
Large Professor- I Just Wanna Chill (’96)
Group Home- Tha Realness (’96)
D&D Project- 1, 2 Pass It (’95)
D.I.T.C.- Day One (’97)
Lords of the Underground- Funky Child (’92)
Das EFX- Mic Checka (’92)
A Tribe Called Quest- Lyrics to Go (’93)
Jeru The Damaja- Can’t Stop the Prophet (Pete Rock Remix) (’94)
Nas- One Love (’94)
Method Man ft. Mary J. Blige- All I Need (’94)
Mobb Deep- Give Up the Goods (’95)
Common Sense- Resurrection (Large Professor Remix) (’95)
Showbiz & AG- Next Level (’95)
Black Thought & Malik B- Meiso (DJ Shadow Remix) (’96)

I have recently been inspired by our 90s Dance Jams at the Redline in Harvard Square and also by the unbelievable live 90s mixes by Funkmaster Flex on the radio. I just had to dig into my own record collection and borrow a couple of tunes from DJ Elyte to mix some of my favorite Hip Hop tracks from the 90s. I grew up listening to 90s Hip Hop and the raw drum sounds and horn samples that came out of that era will forever be with me. The lyrics were also much more inspired and original during this era and for me the 90s style is one that is truly missing from Hip Hop today. This mix is the first of two mixes dedicated to the 90s. Look out for the second one in which I will collaborate with DJ Elyte for a more commercial, booty shaking, danceable, 90s mix. It will even feature some great House jams from that era. I’m out like shout. Aiight chill.


3 Responses to Episode 7: Diggin in the 90s

  1. miss jessy says:

    yes, ross…hell yes. this mix bumbs SUPER tough at mi casa.. JEAH!

  2. maya says:

    i listen to this mix every day!!! when’s the next 90s podcast??? can’t wait.

  3. Soul says:

    Dope list…im not too big on the 9O’s but i took a listen to that list.mad skillz,raw and original.times have changed tho,lol..new skull era has a place in youngens lives

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