Episode 2: Outlibbed – Outkast X Madlib

From Atlanta to LA, RTB learns you what happens when you mix the dirty originators with the west’s best analog beat technician.

Download Episode 2: Outlibbed – Outkast X Madlib

Throw Some D’s (Remix)- Rich Boy ft. Andre 3000
Walk it Out (Remix)- Unk ft. Andre 3000
Mighty O- Outkast
Git Up, Git Out- Outkast
Two Dope Boyz in a Cadillac- Outkast
Wailin’- Outkast
Chonkyfire- Outkast
Da Art of Storytellin (Part 1)- Outkast
Xplosion- Outkast
The Show- Talib Kweli and Madlib
Ridiculous Piano- Madlib, Common, Boss on the Piano
Wild Child- Madlib and Wild Child
Curls- Madvillian
Definition of Ill- Madlib and Planet Asia
Montara- Madlib Blue Note Remixes
Accordian- Madvillian
Shopping Bags- De La Soul and Madlib
Spanish Bells (High Dreams)- Madlib
Outro/The Comeback- Madlib and Ross The Boss

Growing up in the north east I wanted to make a mix that spoke to music from a different part of the country. Outkast (Atlanta) and Madlib (Los Angeles) are some of the most innovative producers and emcees out there. They are both truly hip hop and at times truly weird so I thought they would go together really well.

I had to start off this mix with the remix’s of “Throw Some D’s” and “Walk It Out.” Both of these songs have great beats that really get into your head, but the original versions leave something to be desired, lyrically speaking. I am so glad that Andre decided to drop verses on these tracks because he really turns an average song into something so special. His lyrics are not only funny, but insightful, political, and deeply metaphoric. He saves both of the songs and adds a poetry to them that makes me respect the beats and the artists.
I chose the Outkast tracks that follow because they are some of my favorite and more non-traditional hip hop tracks that they have created. Songs like Chonkyfire and Explosion are great examples of how innovative and trendsetting Dre and Big Boi really are.

I start out the Madlib section of the mix with a track from a Kweli/Madlib collabo album entitled “Liberation.” This album was given out free for a week at the begining of the year and it is a real gem. I must applaud these two for spreading the love for good music. The following track is a Madlib instrumental that I layed down a “ridiculous piano” solo over. You didn’t know Ross The Boss played piano too!! The tracks that follow are some of my favorite Madlib produced songs including one from the mid 90s and a couple of great MF Doom tracks. My favorite Quasimoto track “Axe Puzzles” didn’t make the mix but it was a hard decision for me to leave it out. The outro song “The Comeback” is such a soulful production and can either make you so sad or so happy and that is one indicator of what great art should do.

Please remember to support these artists by purchasing their music.


One Response to Episode 2: Outlibbed – Outkast X Madlib

  1. miss jessy says:

    outkast and doom pretty much rule my world…this is a miss jessy mixtape wetdream

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