Bonus Mix 1: Reggaeton Pa’ La Calle

Stop hating on reggaeton. RTB said so.

Download BONUS MIX: Cara De Gringo

Track Listing:

Intro- Stop Hatin’
Vamos Alla- Audi ft. Dani Fornaris
Se Vale To-To- Calle 13
Cuchi Cuchi- LG ft. Dani Fornaris
Chulin, Culin, Chunfly- Voltio ft. Calle 13
Que Pajo Shorty?- Ross The Boss
Los Bandoleros- Don Omar ft. Tego Calderon
La Jirafa- Calle 13
Chillin’- Tego Calderon ft. Don Omar

Some folks prefer to sleep on reggaeton or bad mouth it all together, but everyone must respect certain artists in the genre that consistently bring that fire. A few of my favorites are on the bonus mix above.

All of these beats are ridiculous and the majority of them are produced by Dani Fornaris who is making a name for himself as he takes that Luny Tunes style of electronic reggaeton one step further. There are also a lot of Calle 13 tracks on this mix and while these guys can get a little annoying after a while, I do feel that they bring a lot of creativity to reggaeton. Plus I like their politics, especially after they did a track dedicated to Filiberto Ojeda Rios entitled “Quierido FBI.” Of course I had to put Tego and Don Omar on the mix, but I left Daddy Yankee out, sorry ya’ll, it’s just a bonus mix anyway.


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